Childcare Voucher Scheme Deadline Extension

We’re pleased that the government has extended access for new entrants to the Childcare Voucher scheme for six months. It is now set to close on 6 October 2018. This decision was made in response to the 119,000 parents that signed a petition and the hundreds of MPs that expressed their desire for the Childcare Voucher scheme to be kept open. This is also in recognition of some of the technical faults with Tax Free Childcare that have left many parents without access to essential financial support.

However, we remain concerned that this decision will only delay the closure of the Childcare Voucher scheme, so we will continue to ask that the government keeps Childcare Vouchers open alongside Tax Free Childcare as part of a comprehensive package of support to working families for the indefinite future.

With this in mind, we urge all parents that are considering joining the Childcare Voucher scheme to do so ahead of their relevant payroll deadline. This varies for each employer but will typically be in August or early September for most.

Employers that do not have a Childcare Voucher scheme can set one up in a few simple steps and will also receive savings on their National Insurance Contributions.”

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The CVPA is the industry association established to represent the views of childcare voucher provider companies and to formulate best practice which protects all stakeholders' interests.


This website provides information about the CVPA, childcare vouchers, and the new Tax-free Childcare scheme that will be introduced from 2017. The 2016 Budget stated that childcare vouchers will remain open to new entrants until April 2018.


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