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Access to childcare vouchers for every working parent


The best deal for parents

The aim of the Childcare Voucher Providers Association is to ensure parents have choice to select the childcare payment scheme that is right for them and their families.


Since the launch of the scheme in 1989, Childcare Vouchers have been a popular choice with parents who find them easy and reliable to use. 


Following the government’s decision to close the scheme to new entrants in 2018, parents have no choice but to use the Tax-Free childcare scheme, which is overall less generous, more hassle to use, and regularly unreliable.


A survey conducted by the CVPA to understand the impact of closure on working families, found 57% of households will be financially worse off under the new scheme.


The government has announced the new 30 free hours childcare will be funded through the Tax-Free childcare scheme. 


The CVPA will continue to lobby government on behalf of employers and parents to reinstate the Childcare Voucher Scheme, which will provide many parents with a better deal all-round. 

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