Membership of the CVPA is open to all childcare voucher providers who adhere to the minimum standards required by the Association, as set out in the Code of Practice. The current members of the CVPA are:


The CVPA currently runs a one tier membership, with equal status for all Members. The membership runs from 1 January to 31 December each year, with the first year’s subscription pro-rated depending on the date of joining.

How to Apply for Membership

If you would like to apply for membership and you have read and can comply with the Code of Practice, you can apply for membership on-line by using the link at the bottom of this page, or complete the application form.


You will be required to submit a copy of your last audited report and accounts, together with your application form. The CVPA Approval Committee will review your application and confirm its decision to you within 1 Month. If your application is accepted, you will receive a letter confirming your acceptance and advising you of the membership fee payable. The fee must be paid within 28 days to commence your membership.


You will then be required to provide a copy of the CVPA Audit Brief from an independent auditor within 6 months of becoming a Member. If you fail to provide this within the appropriate timescales, you risk losing your membership of the CVPA and your membership fee is not refundable.

Membership benefits include:

  • Getting guidance from HMRC
  • Members' only area on CVPA website with news and events
  • Use of CVPA logo on Members' website and in its documentation
  • Access to complaints panel
  • Credibility
  • Protecting future business
  • Lobbying organisation
  • Networking
  • Benchmarking and sharing survey information

Membership Criteria

In providing the childcare voucher services, Members accept an obligation to all Stakeholders (as defined in the Code of Practice) to act in accordance with the highest standards of professional conduct.


All Members will clearly include in all Stakeholder documentation and any contracts and on their websites, the following:

Childcare Voucher Providers Association (CVPA) Code of Practice Statement:

We are a member of the CVPA. In offering the Services, we undertake to act in accordance with the CVPA Code of Practice, which is available on the CVPA website at If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of any complaint made to us as regards our compliance with the CVPA Code of Practice, please send your complaint to:


Childcare Voucher Providers Association (CVPA)
Ground Floor
4 Victoria Square
St Albans

Annual Reporting Requirements

Detailed below is a list of the information which the CVPA requires to be reported by Members in the form of an Annual Return:

  • Financial stability:
    1. to provide a copy of their audited annual report and accounts
  • Member Governance:
    1. Names of the Designated Persons and other key staff
    2. Roles of the Designated Persons and other key staff
    3. Company structure chart as appropriate to size and company complexity
  • PII:
    1. PII Sum Assured
    2. Copy of Certificate/Schedule
  • Compliance with the Code of Practice:
    1. Provide a copy of their CVPA Audit Brief
    2. Declaration by a Designated Person of the Member's compliance with the Code of Practice.


Step by Step Guide to a Membership Application

Complete the Membership Application form (or download and complete a paper version if you do not wish to do it online)
Submit the online form, together with a pdf of your latest Report & Accounts or send the completed Application (including Report & Accounts) to the CVPA.
Applications will be reviewed by the Approval Committee of CVPA.
You will receive a letter explaining why your application for membership has been declined.
You will receive a letter confirming your application has been approved and the membership fee payable.
The fee should be paid within 28 days for your Membership to commence.
Within 6 months you must submit a copy of your CVPA Audit Brief from an independent auditor.


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