The complaints process


The CVPA has a two stage process for dealing with complaints clients and employers may have against member providers.
In the first instance, the complaint should be taken up with the individual childcare voucher provider who will respond to the issue.

If the complainant is not satisfied with the response from the individual provider they then have the option of taking the issue to a CVPA Complaints Panel. This panel will consist of representatives from the members of the CVPA, excluding that provider with whom the complaint has been brought against. The CVPA Complaints Panel will pass judgement regarding whether the original decision taken by the individual member was correct.


Complaints Procedures

Members will ensure that there are adequate numbers of staff trained to deal with complaints.

Members will ensure they have a documented Complaint Handling Policy (CHP) in place to ensure the timely and transparent resolution of complaints. The CHP must be referred to in Member’s terms and conditions with all Stakeholders, on their website and must be made available to Stakeholders on request.

The CHP must comply with the following minimum requirements:

  1. Members must confirm receipt of the complaint to complainants within five Working Days if no final response has been issued within that five Working Day period;
  2. if a complaint remains unresolved after two weeks, Members must advise the complainant of the circumstances why;
  3. if a complaint remains unresolved after four weeks, Members must advise the complainant of the circumstances why; and
  4. a final response must be issued in all circumstances within eight weeks.

Members must ensure that complaints can be submitted by Stakeholders via any medium (i.e. verbally, email, letter).

Members must make clear in all final responses issued, if a complaint is not upheld or if a complainant challenges the final response, of the existence of the CVPA and that complaints can be made to it if a complainant believes that a Member has failed to comply with the CVPA Code of Practice. In such a situation full details of the CVPA must be provided to complainants. Members agree to be bound by the CVPA Complaint Process as outlined in Appendix I of the Code of Practice.